Wooden houses, huts and bungalows LogHOUSE | About us

LogHOUSE l.l.c. – we are proud to continue the tradition of building wooden houses. More and more people are aware of the fact that a wooden house or a hut represents the most healthy way of being. Wooden house is a house for the soul – a home that offers a safe and warm shelter for many generations. Wooden house breathes – each LogHOUSE log cabin has its own story  and each house has its own character, which is formed only when you cross the threshold of the house.

Log house is in a whole or larger part covered with wood. The smell of wood gives a special feeling of familiarity. To revitalize the interior, wooden claddings can be combined with drywall – gypsum boards.

Wooden houses, huts and bungalows are energy-saving buildings. With carefully selected materials they provide significant energy savings.