Bungalows for sale

Loghouse is a company with a long tradition of a wooden houses construction. Our offer includes different types of bungalow houses, modern bungalows and other wooden constructions of a high quality and at the affordable prices. Take a tour among our wooden houses and take advantage of a wide offer of bungalows. Regardless of your choice, all the bungalows for sale are comfortable, aesthetically appealing, economical, of a high quality wooden construction and practical. They combine old and new, modern and traditional and present a wonderful summer cottage or a permanent wooden residence for the whole family.

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Origins of bungalow houses

A bungalow house originates from India, more precisely from the province of Bengal, where the single-family wooden huts with a hatch roof were called bangala. Later in history the British colonists adapted these bungalows and used them as their summer homes, since the bungalow houses were small, practical and cost-efficient. The idea for a small, but space-efficient bungalows might have also been inspired by the army tents and rural cottages which were in use in England, where the kitchen, dining area, bedrooms, and bathroom were clustered around a central living area of a bungalow house.


Modern bungalows - modern houses construction

Modern bungalows originate from America, when (in 1879) William Gibbons Preston designed the first modern version of the Indian wooden house. The construction as well as the size were adapted, while the impression of an original and informal bungalow remained. Later, in the twenties, architects Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene inspired and popularized bungalow construction in America and soon bungalows were offered for sale to the wider public.


Modern bungalows for sale at Loghouse

At Loghouse we offer different types of modern bungalows for sale. The choice depends on you, but they have some things in common – all the materials are carefully chosen, are natural and allow your bungalow house to breath. They can be big or small but the house construction is such which enables a very efficient usage of space. Due to the natural materials our bungalows for sale are environmentally friendly and use very little energy for cooling or heating during the summer/winter months. The quality of the bungalows, their beauty, modern bungalow design, variety of uses, connection to nature and low prices will show you the benefits of a natural wooden house, where you can spend the hot summer months or enjoy your leisure time, either in your own home garden or in the wilderness.