Wooden houses - modern log cabins for sale

Wooden house OPTIMAL

Wooden house OPTIMAL

Wooden house OPTIMAL is specially designed for the family. It has everything you need for a comfortable life. The house is distinguished by a large airy and bright lounge, from where the views open up to the garden. The attic has three spacious bedrooms.


Wooden house SPRING

Wooden house SPRING

Wooden houses SPRING are characterized by modern architecture and high-quality solid wood. They are designed with variable sizes to be adjusted by the customer. SPRING houses implementation is possible in all low-energy classes.


Wooden house CLASSIC

Wooden house CLASSIC

We believe that everybody should have the opportunity to live in the nature and healthy home. Wooden houses CLASSIC provide you with just that. Flexible systems allow us to carry out house fully tailored to your needs and plans.



Wooden house WEEKEND

Wooden house WEEKEND

The main importance of wooden houses WEEKEND is to live in harmony with nature. Because we can build them in accordance with your wishes, wooden house WEEKEND made of high quality solid wood can also serve as a permanent residence.



LogHouse is a company which continues the tradition of building wooden houses. We combine the traditional high quality and careful construction with the modern log cabin designs, which will complement your surroundings, care for the environment and will make your staying in your log house pleasant and comfortable. Wooden houses breathe, are cosy and provide a significant energy savings.


Natural and modern log cabins

In the care for the environment we designed the economical and modern wooden houses, which take the best from the nature and capture its beauty in your own personal log house. Prices are affordable and offer value for money.


It is important to choose the preferred wooden house models and technical solutions carefully. At LogHouse we offer you the best natural materials, technical innovations, careful and skillful construction, economical houses and modern log house at affordable prices.

We solve constructional solutions for every wooden house type. We advise you and help you choose the best solution for your needs and desires. Additionally we often offer the chosen wooden garden houses and modern log cabins for sale, so check out our offer.


Types of LogHouse wooden houses

At LogHouse we offer different types of modern wooden houses. The log cabins differ in shapes and sizes, but they are all of the best quality and construction.

Wooden house OPTIMAL is especially suitable for families and it offers everything needed for a comfortable life. Its attributes are a bright and airy lounge with a garden view and three spacious bedrooms in the attic, which provide enough space for the whole family.

Wooden house SPRING is a modern log cabin, made out of a high quality wood. The size of the wooden house SPRING varies and it depends on the customer’s wishes.

Wooden house CLASSIC is a natural, healthy and economical log house with a flexible system, which allows you to design and adapt it according to your needs and requirements.

Wooden house WEEKEND follows the slogan “Living with Nature”. This log house is made out of a high quality wood, is flexible and can be built according to your desires and needs. Therefore the modern log cabin WEEKEND it is not only a good choice for a holiday home, but is also a good solution for a permanent residence.


Log house - price

Log house prices are affordable and they are also often on sale. In addition to that our wooden houses are economical, healthy and environmentally friendly. The log house prices differ according to the type and size of the desired log cabin. For the exact price of the log house send us an inquiry.

Our inspiration comes from nature, so allow yourself to be inspired by our modern wooden houses.