Wooden garden houses and garden cabins for sale

LogHouse is a company with a long tradition of building energy-efficient, comfortable and healthy wooden houses at affordable prices.

Wooden garden houseGarden cabin

Now we’ve expanded our offer. You can choose from many wooden garden houses, garden cabins, bungalows and garden summer houses that will complement your garden and offer numerous practical possibilities. We often offer them for sale, so make sure to check our offer regularly.


Why choose wood for your garden house?

There are many reasons why decide on a wooden garden house:


  • Short on-site construction time: the material for all the wooden garden cabins is prepared before the construction begins, which significantly shortens the on-site construction time for your garden house. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the garden cabin in no time!


  • Energy saving: sometimes every Euro counts and a wooden garden house is very energy-efficient. Wooden garden cabins consume little energy to cool during the summer and little heat during the winter, which means significant financial savings. So far no material has been able to match the exceptional characteristics of wood. All the garden summer houses and wooden cabins are especially treated for permanence, strength and resistance. They are strong, durable, have natural thermal resistance and stability, which means you will have a sure and firm summer house or garden cabin for many years to come.


  • Environment friendly: all materials used for the wooden garden houses, garden cabins and garden summer houses are natural, made of ecologically renewable sources, are eco-friendly and of the highest quality, which offers a long service life. Furthermore, the assembly process of the garden house has a minimum or no impact on the surrounding environment. The construction of your garden house is pollution free, with no solid or liquid waste.


  • Aesthetics: Wooden garden and summer houses are beautiful and its appeal is now attracting more and more customers to choose them as their permanent residence, as the garden summer houses or as the practical garden cabins.


Many potential uses of the wooden garden houses, garden cabins and garden summer houses

LogHouse wooden garden houses have many potential uses. They can be designed as a proper garden summer house where you can comfortably spend the summer months. We also offer garden cabins and smaller wooden garden houses suitable for storing garden tools, hedge trimmers and lawn mowers. A little bit bigger ones can be used as a summer office, sauna, they offer enough space for a sun lounger or a table and chairs for an outside dining.

Whichever garden house you choose, you can be sure that we produce buildings, which last a lifetime and have our signature of excellence.