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Wooden houses

Wooden construction is the mission of our company LogHOUSE d. o. o. o. o. with which we continue the long-standing tradition of building houses from wood. In our sales program you can find beautiful wooden houses made of solid wood, log cabins, bungalows, garden houses and even wooden mobile homes, which are becoming more and more popular.

A house made of wood (also a log house) is one of the healthiest living environments, as wood is a material with many advantages. It is a durable and flexible material that can be perfectly shaped, it lives and breathes, it regulates the humidity in the rooms, and at the same time it is an excellent heat and sound insulator. As a building material, it is solid, reliable and ecological, as well as extremely economical. It is also ecological and economical wooden construction, which, in addition to everything else, can also be very innovative.


We offer our customers the opportunity to participate in the planning process, so they can customize their home or weekend completely according to their wishes. We work with them from start to finish; everything from conceptual design to moving in.

The fact is that just knowing the properties of wood is not enough for the construction of wooden houses to be actually correct. It is extremely important that the best material is selected. Wood must be processed in such a way that its good qualities are expressed, while the weaknesses are minimized. It is also good to know how wood behaves in the installed state, what we can expect from it and what not. Our professional knowledge and experience, which we have gained over many years of operation and cooperation with the best providers of wooden houses in Europe, will help you with this.

Production of loghouses

A wooden house according to your wishes and our expert advice

How wooden houses are made depends mainly on the wishes of the customers, to whom we are always available with expert advice. It is also possible to build wooden houses in stages, whereby you can decide for yourself for the construction stage, which includes all the structural elements of the house and joinery, or for the standard stage, which is an upgrade of the latter, and also includes insulating materials, interior or exterior wall coverings, internal doors and stairs and floor coverings.

For those who would like to move in as soon as possible, a turnkey wooden house is available. Above all, this implementation is extremely convenient for the customer, since we take care of the documentation ourselves, provide subcontractors, arrange the delivery of materials, waste removal and everything else that goes along with it. Clients have practically no worries, they can just watch the wooden construction in progress and wait for the work to be completed.

Wooden build

An additional argument for the decision to build a wooden house or a log cabin is the fact that the construction is short, and the house can be moved into in about five months after obtaining the building permit. A wooden house (log house) is intended for several generations. Its minimum lifespan with regular maintenance is more than 100 years.

Construction of wooden houses with internal or external insulation

When making wooden houses, we use internal or external insulation. Prefab construction of a wooden house in which we want internal insulation takes place in such a way that the logs are the basic structural element and also the outer facade layer of the house. The beams, which give the house a homely and warm look, are tied at the corners with a classic, traditional cross stitch. The external walls are additionally thermally insulated on the inside, and the insulation is adapted to the client’s requirements. Once the installation work is completed, the interior walls can be clad with plasterboard or wooden cladding.

Here, we should mention that the insulation implementation system differs depending on the purpose or utility of the facility. If you want a weekend house that you will use only in the summer months, then you certainly do not need the insulation that is necessary for buildings intended for permanent residence.

The wooden construction of the house with external insulation leaves the log visible in most of the interior, which gives the room homeliness and warmth. In this case, the outer walls are insulated on the outside. The exterior is made as a wooden facade or the facade is finished with classic plaster. External insulation is also chosen according to the purpose of the building.

In the event that a house made of wood is your great desire, but you cannot afford it due to urban planning requirements, we can dress the outer walls in a classic facade with plaster. Bruna will remain visible in the interior, and you will enjoy everything that a house made of wood can offer.

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